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Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Hosted Exchange Business Solutions

Sync email, calendars & contacts on mobile devices*


Revolutionise the way you communicate

We live in a world where communication has evolved into the lifeblood of every business. Communication is the hub behind every new opportunity, the keystone in building relationships, the bond that secures company vision and the catalyst that accelerates trade and commerce. It is the most powerful resource for business growth, survival and competitive advantage available.

dhrystones connect is a range of products which all have the core values of electronic communication, making it even easier for you to concentrate on your business rather than your technology.

The Future of Business Email

Dhrystones Connect hosted Microsoft Exchange provides world-class email, messaging and collaborative solutions, providing your business with the capability to not only streamline your processes but most importantly, improve reliability and revolutionise the way you communicate.


Email is one of those services that businesses run on these days. Dhrystones Connect hosted Microsoft Exchange is a best of breed email solution loaded with the right features to keep you email and thus your business up and running 24/7.  Find out how our  Hosted Exchange service can drastically improve your email service.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is an essential of getting online, our hosting services are flexible enough to give your business a presence online or to power your whole e-Commerce solution. We have a range of hosting solutions available and we're bound to have one to meet your needs.

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